Here is where you can find the things I write about. I've written 8 posts so far. I write a lot about hackathons and just things that I find interesting.

Moving to Australia

Imagine a freezing cold day with a foot of muddy snow on the sidewalks as you wake up

Hackabull 2019

This hackathon is a little bit different than the other ones, we went down to Tampa Florida and also make a trip out of the time down there.

PickHacks 2019

The next big hackathon was PickHacks which was at Missouri S&T. I tried to get as many of my friends as possible to all head down to Missouri for the weekend.

Hack Illinois 2019

When a friend told me about this cool hackathon that was over at UIUC I immediately signed up and got ready

HackKU 2019

This hackathon was the first out of state hackathon that I went to and the first MLH hackathon of the spring semester 2019

Global Game Jam, ISU Game Development Club 2019

I received an email from the Game Development Club here at Iowa State about there upcoming Game Jam.

HackISU 2018

Iowa State’s 10th annual hackathon. I learned a lot from my first hackathon and this time

HackUIowa 2018

My first hackathon! At the beginning of the school year, I decided to sign up for as many hackathons as I could.