Hackabull 2019


Jonathan Segal / August 06, 2019

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Hackabull 2019

This hackathon is a little bit different than the other ones, we went down to Tampa Florida and also make a trip out of the time down there.

Waiting at the Airport

I went to go pick up ben halfway between cedar rapids and Chicago and we drove all the way to des Moines to Ellissa house and stayed there for the night. Caleb met us the morning of the flight and Ellissas parents drove us to the airport.

Des Moines, Iowa from the sky

We got on the plane and started to head out

To Florida!

We were going the last weekend of spring break and Caleb was going to head back a day early to get back to classes on Monday where the rest of us were skipping Monday and were going to be back Tuesday.

The Airbnb for the first night

We got to our Airbnb dropped our stuff off and headed out to explore Tampa.

The Squad

We spent the rest of the day exploring the city.

Downtown Tampa

The next day we made it over to USF and got dropped off in front of the library.

The library at USF where the hacking was going to take place

We made our way inside and got checked in.


The opening ceremony was cool as usual and they talked about how this was the first year that they were an official MLH hackathon.

Opening Ceremony

After the ceremony, we talked to some of the sponsoring companies at the event.

Talking to all the sponsoring companies

We decided to check out a bunch of cool hardware and just make a fun game.

The MLH hardware lab!

We got an oculus rift an Alienware laptop and a leap motion and started getting everything set up.

Getting everything set up

We started working on a tank game using unity 3d

Hard at work

most people went to sleep that night not us

Some slept we did not

Working on the project making Ellissa test our game

Getting things working

We were hard at work.

We were making progress

We used Unity 3d for setting up levels and getting everything going.

Unity 3D

Back at it.

Hackathon mode

Food was served.


We submitted our project and waited for judging.


The judges were fascinated with how we integrated the leap motion and the oculus for our game.

Using the LeapMotion

Us explaining the project that we made.

Us explaining what we made

Ellissa showing off how to play the game.

Ellissa playing our game

After judging we went to closing ceremony although we didn't win anything we did get an honorable mention for hardware.

For the closing ceremony, they brought out the beach balls!

Vr Tank Game


I worked on integrating the Oculus Rift Headset and the Leap motion. I built the Vehicle and got everything set up. I also ate donuts.


I worked on the environment layout of the game within Unity including the structures, colors, and overall design. I made a domain name, and I also drank lots of caffeine.


I worked on all of the game logic. This meant i made the vehicle move in the way we determined, made the tank able to fire bullets, and made the bullets interact with the environment. I also helped debug and connect the VR integration.


did not write on devpost

Check out the Project on Devpost

Check out the Repository on GitHub

The Beach

After the hackathon, we went to St. Petersburg beach

Sunset on the boardwalk

It was a great trip.

Downtown St. Pete

We spent the night in st Petersburg walking around because it was cheaper than getting a place for the night.

Back to Iowa

We made our way to the airport and back to Iowa.

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