Moving to Australia


Jonathan Segal / January 20, 2020

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Moving to Australia

Imagine a freezing cold day with a foot of muddy snow on the sidewalks as you wake up, then imagine that you have to start the half mile walk through this tundra to go to className, every single day of the week! This was Iowa and I was definitely not prepared for another Midwest winter so what does one logically do… fly halfway across the planet and do a study abroad in Australia.

Iowa State in the winter

Let me back up a bit and talk about how I got here. After high school I went to a small christian college in California.I only stayed there for a semester after deciding it wasn’t for me. I then went to the University of Iowa for a semester and after the same realization ended up at Iowa State University and have been attending there ever scene. The point is jumping around to different schools is nothing new to me but studying in a foreign country is. From the first time I visited the Iowa State campus I was talking with how I need to plan for studying abroad. The first question I was asked was where do you want to go? My choices were Hong Kong and Australia and now for obvious reasons I am in Australia.

Staying in one city, state, or country can really limit your breadth of perspective.

I have always been very passionate about traveling,experiencing different cultures, and seeing the world. Staying in one city, state, or country can really limit your breadth of perspective. I felt that participating in study abroad would be an important chapter of my life in which I would be immersed in a unknown culture and left to find my own way. The though of this was exhilarating and this brings me back to the point where I am flying halfway across the planet to Australia. The schools that I was able to choose from with Iowa State were the University of Newcastle or the University of New South Wales. From the beginning I wanted to be in one of Australia’s beautiful cities so UNSW it was which is located in Sydney, NSW.

Flying into Sydney

Sydney is such a beautiful city from it’s countless beaches to its towering skyscrapers and everything in between this place is truly incredible. I’m excited to be attending UNSW as well, it is an incredible world renowned university and while the school is definitely not the main focus of doing study abroad its nice to be at such a good school. I’m super excited to experience everything that Australia has to offer and explore as much as I can. One of the best parts of going to Australia though definitely has to be that it is currently summer here and it’s about 80° F most days. Although the bush fires have been devastating to this country most of them are now put out or under control and the recent rain has really helped with the drought and the fires. Supper excited to really start becoming an Australian until next time G’day Mate!

The University of New South Wales
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