Cloud Hockey

The "PhoneKebab" Cloud Hockey project is a project which combined accessible digital technologies with the power of physics to enhance the analytics of hockey, a sport that's enjoyed by millions annually. With our solution, users can monitor and analyze their performances in hockey with ease. Requiring almost no setting-up and no apps installation, all you need is a basic-level smart device and an internet connection to get started!

Live: View Github: Source Code

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How we built it

We detect the movements in users' phone and calculate analytical data based on our advanced physics algorithm. We show users data including their live location on the hockey rink, the acceleration of the hockey stick, the calories burned, recommended food item from Panera Bread to get based on energy burned, and etc.


Real-time messaging and unique user authentication were very hard to set up, but we got them to work (stayed up an entire night to make it happen)!