Jonathan Segal



Iowa State University

Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering, 3.0

Intended grad: May, 2022

Work Experience

Dwolla, Software Developer Intern, Des Moines, IA - Remote

May - Aug, 2020

  • Developed enhancements for the in-house C# ASP.NET admin system which improved readability by implementing ADA AA standards and surfacing important hidden information
  • Removed users access to out of contract services by adding logic using Scala that checks the type of user contract and sends error codes when there is an unauthorized call to the API
  • Instrumented in-house admin application unit tests which increased CSRF coverage by 80%

Corteva Agriscience, Software Developer Intern, Johnston, IA

May - Aug, 2019

  • Deployed new in-house lab genetics management system using Angular, C# .NET, Azure, which reduced crashes by 20% by designing and implementing modern frameworks
  • Reduced cost by 10% by designing the new system for Azure serverless functions


Blocks, School Project

Oct, 2019

  • Collaborated with my teammate to develop a location-based capture the flag game by building a PWA with Javascript, Mapbox, Redux, Firebase

Crypto Bonds, Hackathon Project

Feb, 2019

  • Created a clearing firm platform using Python that allows buying, selling, trading bonds on a blockchain by collaborating with mentors from the Linux Foundation

Maptab, Personal Project

Apr, 2019

  • Used Mapbox’s API and React to create a chrome extension that shows a random location and information when a new tab is opened; 26+ active users to date with 5.0 rating


Google Developer Student Club, Lead

Aug, 2020

  • Will be hosting Google Developer Experts and others as speakers as well as organizing events such as live coding sessions and workshops

Hackathon Club, Founder and President

Sep, 2019

  • Organized teambuilding and transportation to 7 hackathons with an average of 10+ students
  • Grew club to 70+ members by recruiting through university events and advertisements

HackIllinois, Crypto Bonds

Feb, 2019

  • Built an Open Source platform for a stable coin using Blockchain and Corporate Bonds.
  • Utilized Hyperledger Sawtooth and Python in Django hosted with Docker on Heroku.


PickHacks, Second Place Winner, Cloud Hockey

Mar, 2019

  • Created a web app that utilized Firebase to receive sensor data from a phone and analyze the data.
  • Visulized data from a hockey stick from sensor readings transmitted through Firestore.
  • Won second place overall out of 64 projects










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